Perfect Cookery Classes - An Introduction

Mrs. Ramni Ralhan is an Indian Chef and entrepreneur who is a true synonym for the cookery classes. She started her career in early 1980's from her residence. Initially she started with the Indian and Mughlai cuisines and with the passage of the time and the demand of the students she started many courses meant for a novice cook to professional one. She at present has 52 cuisines and professional courses like bakery and confectionery in her courseware. She is always keen to add new courses to her Perfect Cookery Classes.

She writes a large number of cookery columns for various publications, newspapers and magazines. Her recipes have been extensively covered by the electronic media including various TV stations/channels. She has participated in numerous cookery programmes on TV.

During her journey she has promoted many big brands like 'LG', 'Whirlpool', 'Panasonic' etc.

Below are few of her contributions and brand promotions by Mrs. Ramni Ralhan

bullet She gave recipes for the cookery show on TV i.e. "LG Microwave- Mali-e-kitchen'
bullet She hosted events for "Catch" masale at Perfect Cookery Classes.
bullet She promoted the "Whirlpool Microwave" in Homeshop18 advertisement.
bullet She promoted the bread machine "Lloyd".
bullet She promoted the rice cooker by the brand "Panasonic".
bullet She hosted the event for "Ek tarah" crockery at Perfect Cookery classes.
bullet She hosted the event for Borges olive oil for its brand promotion.
bullet She contributed many of her recipes for Diamond books "Grahlaxmi" magazine.
bullet She gave recipes to "Mc Cain" frozen snacks.