Certified Courses

Culinary & Table Arts

Culinary art, is the art of the preparation, cooking and presentation of food, usually in the form of meals. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach you the actual practice and art of cooking through theory, technique and palate training. These will be your essentials for success in the culinary landscape.

Table Art is to present your food with innovative ideas in table styling. You are able to visually convey your personal style with a range of specialty linen and stylish designs to create an event that reflects your flair, dreams and vision...

In this course you will taught about the laying of table, presenting your dishes, napkin folding, salad decoration, etc.

Package Fee Duration
Table Setting, Decorating Table, Presenting your Dish, Napkin Folding, Salad Decoration, etc. Rs. 8,000/- each 2 days course