Cake Designing Courses

Cake Designing Courses Offered

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Advance cake designing & techniques

Find the culinary voice through the craft of cake decorating. From traditional cake artistry to modern cake design techniques.

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Basic to Professional Cake Designing

Become a Pastry Chef in just 6 month and learn how to start your own bakery. with our personalized hands-on baking. Get 10% discount & advance dessert course free of coast.

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Basic to professional course

In this course we will be breaking down the process of making a professional layer cake step-by-step, so that you can confidently take on the change of making your own layer cake.

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Wedding cake course

Wedding cakes are not just a piece of dessert instead it is a reflection of a couples love, bonding and personality. In this course, you will learn everything about the skills, frosting, tiered, structured and chandelier cakes, various flavours and knowledge required for wedding cakes.