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Cookery workshops — Perfect Cookery Classes

Culinary workshops in India is a gastronomic delight where one can explore their love for Indian cuisines. Experience the delights of delicious home-cooked meals or cookery demonstrations. These workshops are just the thing you need to learn the ins-and-outs of the local cuisine. Instead of just relishing food, embark on the fascinating culinary journey with master chef Mrs. Ramni Ralhan. She is a professional cookery instructor and consultant who has expertise in dishes that liven your taste buds.

Perfect Cookery Classes does not just offer a single cookery course, it hosts its very own culinary sojourn. The cooking classes are only a glimpse of the incredible delights. For learning food lovers, it is truly a worthwhile experience to get fully engrossed in the art of cuisine of your choice. There is an interesting range of culinary options to choose from.

In these workshops you can opt for cookery classes in multi cuisines. Mrs. Ralhan introduces you to the basic ingredients that go into various cuisines. She also guides you step by step in cooking preparation in an easy and fun manner. Hone your cooking skills and celebrate the joy of cooking.

Children can join as there are special cooking workshops for kids.

The workshops can be conducted at your premises also with some pre-preparation. Consult us at for more details.