Regular as well as Online Classes are available.

Start your Own Business

After completing these professional courses, one shall be able to earn in the vicinity of their own home/shop with very minimum investment.

1 Day Class
Fees Rs.8,000/-
(Also professional class for pan cake & crepes with waffles 2 days class Fees Rs.15,000/- )
  • Vanilla waffles with toppings mix fruit, mango, strawberry, kiwi, nuts
  • Apple and Chinnamon with vanilla ice cream Topping maple syrup with fresh apple
  • Red velvet waffles with Cream and ice cream
  • Oreo waffles Topping - with crushed Oreo and chocolate syrup and ice cream
  • Banana blast with weep cream caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream
  • Belgian waffles with chocolate fudge
  • Savoury Mushrooms waffles / beatrood with cheese sauce
  • Spinach waffles / potato waffles Topping with cheese sauce
  • Chocolate choco chip waffles Topping with Nutella, Ferrara rocher, choco chip
  • Vanilla waffles Topping with fruit, fresh strawberry, mango , kiwi, hot fudge, snickers
1 Day Class
Fees Rs.8,000/-
Shakes and smoothies are very similar. The only difference is the ingredients used. Smoothies are filled with frozen fruits, fresh fruits and fruit juices, but don’t contain any milk or yogurt. Shakes, on the other hand, usually contain milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.
(2 days class Fees Rs.15,000/- )
  • Banana Blueberry Smoothie
  • Marshmallow Drink
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothie
  • Strawberry Smoothie
  • Mango Surprise
  • Cherry Smoothie
  • Ferrarosher Shake
  • Oreo Shake
  • Almond Banana Smoothie
  • Strawberry Banana Milkshake
Day Class
Fees Rs. /-
To help you get started, we've compiled this thorough, but easy-to-digest, course to starting your own food business. Whether your dream is to open a traditional restaurant, a New York-style pizzeria, a Chinese buffet, a deli for busy lunch-goers or a local coffeehouse/hang-out spot, start your business research here. This course has been carefully designed for people with the real intention of professionally running a restaurant. After completing our course one will be able to open a:
  • Sandwich Shop/Delicatessen
  • Coffeehouse
  • Pizzeria
  • Bakery
  • Casual-dining restaurants
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Family-style restaurants
3 Days Class
Fees Rs.20,000/-

Designer Cookies

  • Sweetheart Cookies
  • Chocolate cookies

European Cookies

  • Double Chocolate chunks Cookies
  • Blueberry oat cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Molten lava cookies

Yummy Cookies

  • Naan Khatai/ Almond Biscotti
  • Digestive Biscuits / Chocolate Pretzel cookies
  • Jeera cookies / Grandm's Oatmeal cookies
  • Double Choco Chip Cookies / Jam filled sandwich cookies

New Cookies

  • Choco chip cookies
  • Coconut cookies
  • Melting moment
  • Oats crispy cookies
  • Crispy Baseni naan khatai
  • Karachi biscuits
2 Days Class
Fees Rs.15,000/-

Open your outlet & learn for commercial use

  • Cinnamon Churros
  • Churros with chocolate sauce
  • Churros with caramel sauce
  • Blueberry churros with blueberry filling
  • Red velvet Churros with cream cheese filling
  • Churros sandwich with ice cream
  • Churros cups with fresh fruit and ice cream
  • Nutrella chocolate churros
  • Stuff churros
  • Nutrella churros
  • Cremal churros
  • Chocolate churros
3 Days Class
Fees Rs.20,000/-

Open your outlet & learn for commercial use

  • Orange shafon
  • Cream cheese pound cake
  • Lemon drizzle cake
  • Sacher torte
  • Orange cake
  • Muffins / Choco chip
  • Marble cake
  • Fruit and walnut cake
  • Chocolate rich cake
  • Coffee cake
  • Banana walnut cake
  • Chocolate bunt cake with Cheese filling
  • Plum cake
  • Carrot Raisen cake
  • Drunken cake
  • Red wine cake
  • Death by chocolate cake
3 Days Class
Fees Rs.20,000/-

Ice-cream course (Without egg)

  • Red velvet ice cream cake
  • Rainbow ice-cream cake
  • Nutella ice-cream cake
  • Oreo

Natural ice cream

  • Chiku natural ice cream
  • Blueberry natural
  • Mango Tango natural
  • Oreo cream ice cream
  • Red velvet ice Cream

Yogurts ice Cream

  • Blueberry ice cream cake
  • Mango Tango ice cream
  • Kiwi Orrio surprise
  • Strawberry delight Ice cream


  • Kulfi Kesar pistha
  • Pan kulfi
  • Rose kulfi

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Mrs. Ramni Ralhan, an eminent personality among the connoisseurs of quality food with the rich experience of more than 30 years in skill of imparting practical cookery knowledge. She possess extensive experience in diverse culinary traditions and are committed to the health supportive principles upon which the Perfect Cookey Classes were founded. She is very instrumental in initiating thousands of young aspirants into cooking and has also turned several into expert cooks. An acknowledged cookery expert, she has been conducting immensely popular cookery classes for a long time. Her "Perfect Cookery Classes" with practical demonstrations from her vast reservoir of mouth-watering recipes brings in hordes of young aspirants, enthusiasts and even expert cooks to these classes.

She always had a penchant for developing various recipes from all around the world. These recipes were then further refined by her time & again over a period to make them absolutely perfect.

Mrs. Ramni Ralhan

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